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At the moment, our dedicated team consist of 8 people. Since January 2018, we have been working on establishing a solid infrastructure,   where we do our best to develop everything according to the highest standard. The goal of our team is to create an independent mineable   coin (POW) in which -in addition to the traditional elements (e.g.: decentralization)- we provide tools to help our clients to use cryptocurrency in their day-to-day lives.

Our intention is to help adapt the blockchain technology into everyday life. Therefore, we would like to develop methods that support   “concrete” transactions such as payment with EMIXIL at petrol stations via mobile phone.

EMIXIL is going to be a coin immediately available to anybody at any given time. In 2019, we would like to introduce the EMIXIL card, which – similarly to VISA and Master Card- will enable EMIXIL to be widely distributed among the masses.


What can Emixil offer?

Multiple Masternodes

You don’t need cash right away? You don’t need to make a transfer? Your car is fully loaded? Then the EMIXIL masternode is perfect for you. Unlike many coins, EMIXIL has a masternode, which means if you are not using it, you can leave it to bear interest.

EMIXIL uses the X16R algorithm

The X16R algorithm is fully ASIC resistant, so we can maintain decentralized mining on video cards in the long run

Quick Transactions

It is crucial to us that our current and future clients can make fast, stable and reliable transactions through EMIXIL’s network.

Easy-to-use QR based transactions

Naturally, both PC wallets and mobile wallets can handle QR-based transactions, which is essential for the quick and immediate transactions that are needed at, for example, petrol stations.

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